Happy Birding: Burlington Parks

Spencer Smith Park: Burlington

Birds never fail to amuse and delight.

Earlier this winter, ruddy ducks could be found at Spencer Smith Park near the pier. They were often found sleeping in large groups. Here are some photos of active ruddy ducks.

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck Diving

Ruddy Duck Female

These greater scaups landed well.

Prepare to land

It was a mad dash to the finish for the bufflehead and greater scaups.

Race to the finish

Lasalle Park: Burlington

In my previous life I loathed the robin because for years one made a racket just outside my window starting in the very early hours, morning after morning.  O how I hissed.  But now that I am enamoured by birds I actually find the robin an exquisite beauty.

American Robin

American Robin

The species below is a hybrid mallard x American black duck I photographed at Lasalle.  The hybrid seems to prefer the company of the mallards.

Hybrid Mallard x American Black Duck

Hybrid Mallard x American Black Duck

You can easily detect the features the hybrid adopted from each of the black duck and the mallard species.

American Black Duck (Male)

American Black Duck (Male)

Male Mallard in Ontario

Male Mallard

Hendrie Park: Burlington

And finally, apparently four of the five blue jays born last year presently call Hendrie Park home.  They particularly love peanuts.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

If you are planning a trip to Hendrie Park, I can attest that it is a hub of activity. For example, on Tuesday evening, I spotted two muskrats, a pair of ospreys, a great blue heron, seven turkey vultures, a red-tailed hawk, red-bellied, hairy and downy woodpeckers, mute swans, as well as a variety of song birds.

Happy birding!


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