Double-Crested Cormorant Colony: Eastport Drive, Hamilton

As we remain fascinated by the double-crested cormorant, we seized the opportunity to visit a colony located on Eastport Drive approximately half-way between the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters and Windermere Basin, Hamilton. We spent about 30 minutes photographing the birds.

The photographs below affirm the following descriptor:

This species’ amazing lack of need for personal space is then especially pronounced.  Despite the small size of the islands frequently chosen for nesting, often only a half-dozen acres or less in area, colonies can consist of tens of thousands of breeding birds, along with untold numbers of subadults and nonbreeders.  At a few sites, every square inch of available space appears to be in use…Sites used by ground-nesting birds are often distinctively whitewashed from years of accumulated guano, against which the masses of black cormorants and their dramatic nests stand out sharply.  At sites where nesting has denuded or killed trees, cormorants are easily visible standing on bare branches or sitting on nests in the crook of a branch.  Approaching such a colony from downwind, the reek of guano and rotting fish is detectable from quite a distance.”  (Linda Wires, “The Double-Crested Cormorant Plight of a Feathered Pariah”)

Click to enlarge thumbnails

Double-Crested Cormorant Colony, Eastport Drive in Hamilton ON

Innumerable, you try counting them

Double-Crested Cormorant at Eastport Drive Hamilton ON

Double-Crested Cormorant

Double-Crested Cormorant Nests on Eastport Drive Hamilton ON

Double-Crested Cormorant Nests

Double-Crested Cormorant and young on Eastport Drive in Hamilton ON

Double-Crested Cormorant and young


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