Guest Post: Backyard Birding Moments pt. 1

The first offspring of one of our visiting Northern Cardinal couples is seen here. A memorable moment was watching the father feed it, then hiss and chase it away. This was done to encourage the juvenile to go off and find it’s own territory. It hasn’t quite worked.

There are 3 mourning dove couples that visit our feeders. They enjoy sunbathing on the patio and eating what all the other birds are eating. We have yet to see any young.

The song sparrows prefer to eat what has fallen on the ground. A squirrel knocked over and spilled a thistle feeder which was found in no time.

This Purple finch showed up at our feeder alone and hasn’t been back since.

During the Burlington Flood the birds would show up whenever the rain would ease. They would eat for a few minutes then go and seek shelter. It was nice to see them eating so peacefully.

We were horrified to find out that a Song Sparrow was raising a brown-headed cowbird. This bird was loud, greedy and overbearing. It was often fed over it’s song sparrow sibling. We’re happy that it’s gone.

Birds will often bring their young to your feeder, keep an eye out for them.

Water is just as important as bird feed. Some birds stop by just to grab a drink.

House Finches and American Goldfinches enjoy eating weed seeds. It’s a good idea to include alternate sources of food in your backyard.


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