Guest Post: Backyard Birding Moments pt. 2

This partially leucistic house sparrow is often seen foraging for food with its flock.

Some of the mourning doves have a horrible habit of pooping in the water.

The juvenile American goldfinches quickly learned how to eat from the feeders.

We have a total of 3 woodpeckers that visit our feeders. This male downy woodpecker visits the most.

There is also a female downy woodpecker.

This male hairy woodpecker eats from the suet cage everyday. He now knows to avoid the plastic.

We planted purple and white coneflowers this year. They were a hit with the American goldfinches.

Occasionally this eastern phoebe comes by to catch insects.

The Northern cardinal couple raised a second juvenile. This time it was a female.

Blue Jays occasionally stop by for a snack. This one was previously caught and banded.

We look forward to the fall and winter birds!

Pssh! Looking for part 1?


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