“The more digital the world becomes, the more appetite people have for real things.” [Alan Rusbridger]

I was reflecting on the source of my new hobby.  It dates back to the summer of 2013 when I purchased The Ontario Table by Lynn Ogryzlo at Different Drummer bookstore in Burlington.  Ms. Ogryzlo awakened an interest in farm fresh produce.  The book lead to a renewed interest in farmer’s markets, farm tours, fruit picking, hiking, cooking, eating and outdoor photography.

After my local markets closed in the autumn I turned to street photography but that waned because I felt constrained by privacy concerns.  One restless Sunday morning I headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens to practice photographing flowers.  From there I was directed to Hendrie Park in Burlington, Ontario, where I encountered a dizzying array of birds and some of the most delightful people. I went birdzerk!

Since that day, I have entered a multitude of previously unknown worlds. The world of birding has caught my interest. Whether it’s bird photography or ornithology, I am interested in learning it all. I have met remarkable, knowledgeable and helpful people along my journey.

Why Ontario? Even the most cursory of glances of any birding website makes it plain that Ontario is home and vacationing spot to a wide range of bird species, from song birds to the majestic birds of prey. There is something for every eye and ear to appreciate. I remember I took a friend out on one of my adventures and she was blown away. When initially we spoke about birding, she, as I would, assumed it was an activity best enjoyed by retirees. Within minutes of arriving at the park she was captivated.

I am no expert, but I am uber enthusiastic about this new adventure. I will describe a bit about the birds and locations, the people I have met and will share photographs as well as interesting tidbits that I have learned along the way.


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  1. Thank you for your amazing photographic feats. We walk in Col Sam Smith at least once a day and have enjoyed spotting some of the birds on your site. Great to see them in a live still shot so maybe we’ll recognize them next time around.
    Thought we spotted an Osprey the other day. Have you seen any? Seems an appropriate location for them.

    Keep snapping & posting. We appreciate it.

    • Thank you very much for your encouragement! I haven’t seen an osprey, however you likely did see one, an osprey was spotted earlier today. To check the list of birds observed at the park you can view this Ontario Field Ornithologists (a marker is usually present for Colonel Sam) or this list of all recent bird sightings.

      Thank you again! Do continue to enjoy your daily walks. I’m envious!


  2. A great collection of stunning birds, I am considering coming on a birding trip to Burlington in the near future. I will be popping on and off on your site to check out your sightings with great excitement. Thank you for sharing your findings and images, they are much appreciated. Regards Lynton Bolton

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments, Lynton. The birders in the Burlington/Hamilton/Oakville/Mississauga area are quite active. If you wish to keep abreast of current sightings please see Hamilton Birders Google Group. Happy birding.

  3. Wonderful pictures! I really enjoy your blog.
    Similar story of becoming a birder for me too.
    One day, we went to Tommy Thompson Park and found a Great-horned Owl and since then we became birders.
    It’s funny how you don’t notice birds when you don’t pay attention.
    Then you start looking for them, all of a sudden you feel like you are always surrounded by them.

    Looking for your posts and great photos of your findings!

    Happy Birding 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind encouragement, Popo!

      Great-horned Owl! What an incredible introduction to the world of birding!

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. The heightening of the senses is an incredible benefit.

      Happy Birding to you and yours.

  4. I love to watch the birds. My husband and I used to walk in lots of parks in Burlington and Hamilton mostly along the lake. We had a large garden and used to attract as many birds as we could to our feeders. One morning my husband walked to our side patio and was greeted by a large owl sitting on our fence above a large bush we had. Much to my delight he sat for awhile, whilst we tried not to disturb him or her not sure. I was so excited I only managed a blurred picture but I was so thrilled that the owl decided to grace us with his presence. This morning I was thinking about a beautiful bird that came to my feeder years ago now. I often think of it because I had never seen such a vivid blue bird. At the time I didn’t know what it was but have since identified it as an Indigo Bunting. So I thought I would look it up because I wondered if it was rare. I haven’t seen one since from that day to this unless it’s in a book. I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photo of an Indigo. I have moved to a townhouse and have a small garden front and back with feeders. It is quite the challenge though because now if I sit out I am on top of the feeders practically. I love the birds but they don’t love the human interloper trying to take their picture. I have enjoyed meeting birders out in parks I have been to. One chap did let me look through his scope which really did make my day. I look forward to visiting your site again.

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