Blue Birds rocked until Osprey arrived

Taking a cue from nature, young adults migrate home during the spring. It’s so much fun birding with family. We hit the road with full tummies, two cameras, limitless energy and a mountain of anticipation. Despite the particularly cloudy and gloomy day we soldiered on to Hendrie Park.

Blue Birds

Our first was the great blue heron.

Great Blue Heron at Hendrie Park, Burlington, ON

Great Blue Heron

Our second was a pair of tree swallows located in a tree near a body of water and this one was spotted along the path to Snake Road.

Tree Swallow at Hendrie Park

Tree Swallow

Our third was the blue-grey gnatcatcher whose zhee zhee zhee song caught our attention.

Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher Burlington, Ontario

Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher

Our fourth and final unmistakable bird of a blue hue was the belted kingfisher.

Belted Kingfisher in flight Burlington, ON

Belted Kingfisher

White-Tailed Deer

En route to Snake Road we spotted a pair of deer heading to the park via the railroad tracks. A fellow photographer on the bridge advised he typically walked along the tracks in order to photograph foxes, deer and other wildlife. We had spotted him earlier near the tracks and were concerned for his safety as VIA, GO Transit and freight trains travel along this route.

Two White-Tailed Deer crossing train tracks, Burlington, ON

White-Tailed Deer

North and south of the train tracks are Jewish cemeteries. We noted stones of remembrance lovingly placed by mourners.

Jewish Tombstone

Jewish Tombstone

The youngest member of our party shrieked with delight on encountering a bird that had flown away earlier. It was discovered to be a spotted sandpiper.

Spotted Sandpiper in Burlington, ON

Spotted Sandpiper

The older sibling suggested that they should risk life and limb to descend a steep hill to get better photographs of the wood ducks (two females and four males) enjoying each other’s company as well as the tree swallows skimming over the pond. I stood on the trail with cellphone in hand praying for their safety and for a great batch of pictures.

Wood Ducks at Hendrie Park Burlington, ON

Wood Ducks

The following beautiful photographs were also taken by the two members of my party.

Trumpeter Swan beautiful pose Burlington, ON

Trumpeter Swan

Canada Goose Burlington, ON

Canada Goose


I was treated to relatively close encounters of turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks and ospreys.

Turkey Vulture in flight Hendrie Park, Burlington, ON

Turkey Vulture

Red-Tailed Hawk in flight, Hendrie Park, Burlington, Ontario

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk in flight, Burlington, Ontario

Red-Tailed Hawk

We just crossed over Plains Road when a low flying raptor landed in a tree across the street. I ran over with camera in hand, shaking with anticipation and giddy with delight. I raised the camera, focused the lens then hit continuous shooting. I ran back to the other side of the street with a big grin on my face. I looked up and noted I caught the attention of patrons at a nearby restaurant. I didn’t care, I got me a photograph of an osprey.

Osprey with a fish Burlington, Ontario

Osprey with a fish

Osprey with a fish Burlington, ON

Osprey with a fish


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